Wedding Cake Idea: Honoring the Past

There are so many options you have when deciding on how to go about your wedding cake. We’ve seen a lot of options at our weddings– everything from cupcakes to dessert bars to towering stacked wedding cakes. What you do for your wedding is going to depend on the vibe of your wedding (formal vs. informal; traditional vs. more modern), your budget, and the vision you have of the cake in your mind. Needless to say, you have a lot of things to consider. We thought we’d show you some options we’ve seen at weddings, starting with a unique idea we saw from one of our brides last year.

Tami and Scott’s wedding was in the fall and featured a romantic theme with a gold, silver and white color scheme which was accented by sparkles and candles. For their cake, Tami decided to do something different- honor her parents’ wedding cake by having a replication made for her own wedding cake. She went to A Spoon Fulla Sugar and had them visually reflect her parent’s wedding cake from the 70’s for her cake, adjusting a few aspects to make it fit into her theme and seem a bit more modern.

(Left: Tami’s wedding cake, created by A Spoon Fulla Sugar. Right: Her parents’ wedding cake from the 1970’s.)

Tami had always loved her parents’ wedding cake. “I’ve always admired it and thought it was gorgeous, especially for something from their era,” Tami said, noting that she “always liked the water fountain feature, the flowers and traditional details.” While she did love the original cake, there were some details that needed to be changed to fit the romantic theme of her day. Her parents had a rainbow theme, full of color, for their wedding day, and the cake reflected that. To make her wedding cake more in tune with her more subtle color palette, Tami decided to keep everything neutral.

The cake topper used on Tami and Scott’s wedding cake was the original cake topper from her parents’ wedding, a detail that added an extra special element to the recreation. Next to the cake, Tami placed a framed image of her parents on their wedding day as they were cutting the cake; featured opposite that was an explanation of the cake’s design and why Tami chose to honor her parents’ wedding cake. This was an extra special touch that her parents loved and helped the guests understand how the cake paid homage to her parents, too.

The cake turned out to be everything Tami imagined it to be. When asked what advice she’d give to brides-to-be planning for their wedding cake, she had this to say: “First off, go to A Spoon Fulla Sugar. Secondly, have various cake and filling toppings to appeal to every guest, and thirdly, go with what you want and not what the trend of the year is.” Tami followed her own advice; her cake included white, chocolate and red velvet cakes with various fillings to satisfy the various sweet teeth of her guests and her replication didn’t pay any attention to what trends were in, but to what she wanted for her wedding day.

A final word of advice from Tami- “Make sure you eat your cake and save a layer.” We agree.  You should have your cake and eat it, too! Make sure you snag a slice sometime during the reception, no matter what type of cake you decide to go with for your big day.

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