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We love albums! So much so that we offer four different types of books with many customization options to create the book that would best fit your style and budget. Whether you prefer traditional albums or a coffee table album, we’ve got you covered. Descriptions and images of each album are below; you can view even more images on our Facebook page as well. If you have any questions, feel free to scroll down on this page for some frequently asked questions about our albums and the album ordering process.

Renaissance Albums – Traditional

Renaissance albums are a slightly more modern approach to a traditional album. When you order a Renaissance album, you’ll have the ability to create a personalized photo layout for your book’s pages. Once that’s turned in, we take care of the rest! Soon you’ll have your prints set into matted pages and bound in a beautiful album that will last for years to come.  Renaissance albums have many customization options that can make the book appear modern and fun– like multiple image cut outs and bright cover color options– or you could stick with the basics and have a beautiful true traditional album.  Renaissance albums are available for enlargement albums and parent albums, and each book is able to be fully customized.


Asuka Book – Coffee Table Album

Asuka offers thin, magazine style pages bound into square shaped books with custom image hard covers. These books are perfect for those wanting a simple, thin book to share with family and friends. While we do offer these books for wedding albums and create great albums with them, they tend to work best for custom wedding guestbooks, which we design using photos from your engagement session (as seen in image above). (Please contact us if interested in a guestbook.)


Graphi Studio – Coffee Table Album

Graphi albums are the only vertical book we offer. They feature thick pages, no loss of page due to the binding, and beautiful custom image covers. The standard size we offer is 9.5″x13″, though we do offer upgrade options for a larger book and parent albums (6″x8″). Designs for a Graphi book are completely custom designed in house and sent via e-mail for approval as a PDF proof prior to being ordered. These books are for the couple wanting a more unique, modern style.


Leather Craftsmen – Coffee Table Album

Leather Craftsmen books are square shaped, leather coffee table albums. Beautiful, thick pages are used to hold the custom design created in house for your book. Page designs show no loss of images due to the book’s lay-flat nature. Our standard size for Leather Craftsmen is 10″x10″, as seen on the left of the photo above, though we also offer additional sizes for upgrade or parent album use (12″x12″, 8″x8″, 5″x5″). These books come with a leather cover in your choice of color with a custom imprint of your name and wedding date. Options for adding images are also available, providing the ability to create a completely unique, yet timeless look for your album.


Album FAQ

Why should I get an album?
Albums are a wonderful way to tell the story of your wedding day and preserve it for years to come. Having a disc of your wedding images isn’t something that takes the place of a beautiful, custom designed album. Consider this: in the future, you wouldn’t hand your children a DVD and send them to the computer to hear about the day you married your best friend. An album is a tangible account of your wedding story- one you’ll be able to share now and in the future with others. They’re more than just pages bound in a leather cover; albums are a way to hold your wedding memories close to you. They’re personal, vivid accounts of the best day of your life. Every couple deserves to have that.

What’s the difference between a coffee table album and a traditional album?
Traditional albums are books that we assemble in house. Prints are matted into the album pages and then secured into the album itself. These books are very similar to what your parents or grandparents may have. They’re able to be customized, but hold a more classic feel.  Coffee table albums are seen as the more modern approach to wedding albums. There are more options for design, covers, and styles. Because these books are custom designed, you can fit more images into the album than traditional albums. To choose the right album for you, consider which style better fits who you are as a couple and how you want to use your book. Will it be sitting out on your coffee table for many to view frequently or are you more likely to set it somewhere safe so you’ll have it in the future, only pulling it out on special occasions or when people ask? These things should be considered and will help you make the right decision for you.

How long does the ordering process take?
We have a timeline of 9-12 weeks from the time we receive your order form for traditional albums. This time frame allows us to submit your order, have it custom made by our album company, shipped to the studio, and assembled in house.  Coffee table albums vary as we design orders on a first come, first serve basis. If there are orders in front of yours, you may wait a couple of weeks longer before receiving your proof via e-mail. Once we receive your approval for order, your wait would be about 8-12 weeks. (Please note that sometimes the ordering process takes less time than we estimate, and on rare occasions, for reasons beyond our control, it may take a little longer. We appreciate your understanding during those times!)

How long will it take to get my coffee table album proof?
Typically you’d be waiting about 5-6 weeks before receiving your design proof. This may vary depending on how many orders are ahead of yours, as we do design the books on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When can we start the ordering process?
As soon as you have your wedding images back, have paid your final payment on your wedding package, and have received album order forms, we can start the album ordering process.

How do I order a traditional album?
First, make sure you have the Renaissance traditional enlargement album order form. Read through your options on the order form and choose what cover options you’d like your album to have. These options are listed on the first page; please read carefully as some options are upgrades and will be an additional charge.  Once you’ve chosen that, take a look at the page layout options on the next page. Your mat options determine how many images you will fit in your album and how they will be displayed.  A good idea would be to go through your photos and set aside your favorite images from each section of your wedding day. From there you should be able to organize your images into mats and build your pages.  To design your pages on the order form, you need to write the mat number on the line beneath the box for each page and then write the image number for each slot the mat you chose has available (see the example page in the order form). Once that’s finished, all you need to do is drop off your order form at the studio and we’ll take care of the rest!

How do I order a coffee table album?
Make sure you have the coffee table album order form. Look through the options of coffee table albums (see descriptions above for photos and more information) and choose which book you’re going to order by circling the name of the book at the top of the form. Make sure to write down which size you would like your album as well. Next, go through your wedding images and choose the ones you’d like us to try and fit into your album design. If you have a specific photo in mind for the cover, please note that on the order form’s front page. Once you have 120 images, please write the image numbers into the boxes in numerical order. When you’re finished, turn in the order form and we’ll place your order in the queue to be designed.

How can I turn in my order form?
We ask that you drop your form off at the studio or mail it to us. We cannot accept e-mailed or faxed order forms. Please note that if you send us an order via e-mail, it may not be received.

When do we need to pay for our album?
We will need your payment for the album, including any and all upgrades, at the time you place your order. We will not process any orders that have not been paid.

Will our parents be able to design their own albums or will they all look the same?
When you order traditional parent albums, each book is able to be completely different. Each book can have it’s own photo selection, mat choices and cover options.  If you’re ordering parent album clones of a coffee table album, the designs will be identical to the original design of your book, but in a smaller size.

I feel like I need more help. Can I come in and talk to someone or see some samples?
Absolutely! Please call the studio and schedule an appointment to meet with us. We’d be happy to walk you through the ordering process and explain your options to you.

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